Holidays in Santa Fe

Please enjoy a little holiday cheer from Nurses With Heart Home Care!

’Twas the Friday before Christmas

And Santa Fe had a skiff of snow

The town was abuzz

With people on the go


Some had shopping to do

And groceries to buy

All had that thought on their mind,

“My, how does time fly!”


The year was coming to a close

For the good or the bad

And the flu season had arrived

(Of that no one was glad)


Sniffles, mucous, and coughs

The odd fever too

Fatigued and in bed

Unsure of who to turn to


With just one hospital

Only one emergency room

A speedy admittance

Is something not to assume


So if you are under the weather

And need some assistance

Keep this in mind

For future consistence


For non-life threatening issues

Such as fever, earache, and sniffle

The aid of urgent care

Is the answer to your riddle


In case of head injury and overdose

Chest pain and bleeding

Call 911 on the spot

For EMTs you’ll be needing


So choose the right place

To ease pressure on the system

And wait less time

To get proper attention


Happy holidays to all

A very healthy 2018

And always remember

To get your flu vaccine


Santa Fe Christmas

Happy Holidays from Nurses With Heart on the Santa Fe Plaza!

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