Nights Out

Enjoying Nights Out

Nurses With Heart is excited to add another home health hint to our video blog – every week we will be posting a short video related to staying safe and healthy at home. This week we talk about a few ways in which you can help your loved ones with dementia enjoy special nights out  – check it out!

For, some, the diagnosis of dementia can lead to withdrawal from favorite activities. This can also cause their families to be fearful of them struggling in different situations, so they may overprotect the individual, limiting social activities to try to reduce anxiety. While it is important to be as supportive as possible of someone with dementia, it is equally important to continue to foster social interactions. Meeting with friends, nights out on the town, and engaging in favorite hobbies can help to alleviate depression that sometimes accompanies dementia. In this week’s vlog, we talk about a couple ways to continue with social habits, while helping to manage the symptoms of your loved one with dementia.

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