Home Health Hint of the Week: Starting Home Care

Home Care Seedling

Starting Home Care

Nurses With Heart is excited to add another home health hint to our video blog – every week we will be posting a short video related to staying safe and healthy at home. This week we discuss how to talk about getting help and starting home care with your loved one.

In previous weeks we talked about how patience is key to getting someone help. But how do you get that conversation started? This week we talk about the seedlings of an idea, and how to grow a suggestion into acceptance of help at home. Home care can be difficult for individuals to accept, especially if they are very independent. However, by presenting the idea a little at a time, people may be more accepting of help. As our population continues to age, more people at home are in need of assistance. Often times it is their children who take action to set up home care. In the video below, we talk about the process of presenting the idea of home care to a loved one, with the goal of acceptance.

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