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Family Matters

More than 34.2 million Americans provide unpaid care to a family member or friend on a yearly basis. Caring for a family member can be rewarding, but support for the caregiver is critical both for themselves & their loved one. Family caregivers assist with doctor’s appointments, errand running, helping their loved ones bathe and get dressed, and everything else that it takes to help their loved one get through each day. Family caregivers can work to provide unpaid around-the-clock care, often forgoing their own occupational and personal needs.

November is National Family Caregivers Month, celebrating and supporting those who work tirelessly to care for their family and friends. Family caregivers act as a vital component in the long-term care system in the United States, helping to support those who wish to remain at home or cannot afford to engage outside assistance. In addition to looking after their loved ones, caregivers may also be balancing full-time jobs, and their own family and social needs.  Because of these demands, it is critical that caregivers care for themselves, by engaging in support groups, using resources to help manage tasks, and taking respite breaks as needed.

Finding Support

Approximately 50% of caregivers receive no outside help, which can make their roles feel lonely and overwhelming. Asking for help is key to longevity as a caregiver, as it can not only be physically taxing but emotionally demanding as well. There are a variety of resources to family caregivers whether they be local (check out the Area Agency on Aging) or national and accessible via the internet (AARP has some great support groups and resources for family caregivers). Knowing how to ask for help and where to get help from can assist caregivers with enhancing both their own and their loved one’s lives.

The Family Caregiver Support Roundtable

On November 15, 2019, from 10 AM to 12 PM, professionals, community members, and family caregivers are invited to attend the Family Caregiver Support Roundtable, free of charge at the Santa Fe Business Incubator (3900 Paseo del Sol, Santa Fe NM). We will review ways to assist family caregivers in managing these roles, as well as provide tips on how to balance the many responsibilities of being a caregiver.

Speakers Include:

Those who would like more information or are interested in attending The Family Caregiver Support Roundtable on Friday, November 15th from 10 AM – 12 PM can contact (505) 424-9099 or Light refreshments and helpful handouts will be provided.