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Featured Guest Spot on Mastering Nursing Podcast

The Mastering Nursing Podcast Our Chief Nursing Officer, Elais Ponton, recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Keith Carlson, a local nurse in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Nurse Keith has several podcasts, one of which is Mastering Nursing, which covers the nursing field for healthcare professionals and nursing students. Featuring in-depth interviews with influential and leading nurses, host…

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May is Stroke Awareness Month – Know the Signs!

Stroke Awareness

Stroke Smarts May is Stroke Awareness Month & up to 80% of strokes are preventable, so it is important to understand what can be done to reduce your risk of stroke. Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to the brain. Your brain requires a constant flow of blood from arteries to…

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The Importance of Skilled Care

Skilled Care

A Need for Care Home care can be provided for all ages, but the primary consumer is those older than 65. By 2020, 56 million Americans will be 65 and older. By 2050, that number will reach 84 million, with individuals over 85 tripling by 2040. Nearly 70 percent of Americans who reach 65 will…

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