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Coping with Stress

Comfort is a funny thing. People coping with stress find comfort in a variety of things – from the smell of your grandmother’s pot roast, the crispness of fresh bedsheets, drinking tea on a rainy Sunday afternoon, hitting the road for a long run on your favorite trail, or immersing yourself in the familiar routine…

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The Illness of Everyone: Our Mental Health Crisis

Mental Health

Health of the Mind Mental illness is a complex and pervasive worldwide issue. Just as everyone eventually gets a cold or a cough or a sniffle at some point in life, as no body is a perfectly oiled machine, the mind also suffers at some point as well. Whether it is sadness over the loss…

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Enjoying the Holidays (You Can Do It Too!)

It is no surprise that the holidays are often accompanied by stress, anxiety, and depression. The flurry of shopping, cleaning, baking, eating, and running around is compounded by actual flurries of snow, rain, sleet, wind and whatever other states of water the season brings us. The craze of activity and the gray short days can…

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