’Twas the end of the year

And the masses were panicked

Not a single goal met

Nor a tiny task managed


2015 had gone

In the blink of an eye

The projects piled up

And were too hard to hide


Things went unfinished

Words were unsaid

The old and the young

Lacked insurance, no med!


Promises of prevention

(so rarely kept)

Blown away in the wind

With deductibles unmet


Wellness visits forgotten

Physicals not taken

The public was amiss

Over benefits forsaken


Vaccines in their vials

Sat on the counter

Doctors lamented lacking

Crucial face-to-face encounters


The masses all swore

“Next year we’ll eat our greens

And exercise our bodies

Until absurdly lean”


Nurses shook their heads

As visits clogged the ER

Resources used up

Due to ailments subpar


So remember this year

As 2016 begins

Make sure you are covered

From your odds to your ends


Eat your greens and your fruit

For a well balanced diet

Being healthy requires

A daily compliance


Exercise and vaccinate

To prevent the preventable

For fear you fall ill

From something lamentable


And remember this note

Which is important to all

Hospitals are for emergencies

Urgent care for woes small


We welcome 2016

With new and old goals

But please keep in mind

This story of wellness we’ve told


And if you should doubt

Our advice given

Consult your care team

For all health concerns & decisions.

2016 Nurses With Heart

Happy 2016 from Nurses With Heart Home Care!