About Us

“We don’t want to change your life. We want to transform it.”

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Nurses With Heart Home Care is a state-licensed agency providing a wide array of home health services, including home health care and home nursing care. But the intangibles we provide are just as important, namely independence, comfort, privacy, safety and companionship.

Our founders, Carolyn Moore, MPA, and Elais Ponton, RN, started Nurses With Heart in 2010 after recognizing the need for a very different kind of in-home care in Santa Fe County. Ms. Moore’s experience as Director of Programs for the Alzheimer’s Association, combined with Ms. Ponton’s experience as a Registered Nurse (RN) in hospitals and hospices, offered deep insight into how Nurses With Heart could provide a higher level of home care that was thoughtfully tailored to each client’s individual needs, preferences and lifestyle.

As pioneers in “matchmaking-based” home health care, in which clients and caregivers are paired based on shared commonalities, we are passionate about creating enriching relationships that make a real difference in people’s lives. We offer our clients the freedom to recuperate (from surgery, illness, childbirth, etc.) or advance in age in the comfort of their own home with a caregiver they truly enjoy spending time with – or perhaps even battling in a game of Scrabble. Because, after all, isn’t life really about the people you share it with?