Home Assistance Matchmaking Success Stories

Matchmaking Story 1: A Jazzy Connection

During an in-home consultation with a new client, we noticed an interesting photo and asked about it. The client – who we’ll call Jane – shared that her late husband had been a prominent jazz musician in the 1940s. That led us to pair Jane with Theo, a caregiver who plays in a band. On the first day at Jane’s home, Theo brought his bass guitar and played for Jane for several hours. Jane was so pleased that they continued this soothing tradition from then on, with Theo finding it very rewarding to share his gift in a therapeutic way. While Jane suffers from progressive dementia and has trouble remembering faces and events, she always remembers Theo and his music. That makes Theo as well as Jane’s family very happy.


Thumbs Up!

Matchmaking Story 2: A Foodie Friendship*

When Nurses With Heart learned that a new client was a former food critic, we immediately thought to pair her with staff caregiver Michelle, who loves to cook. On her first day, Michelle observed that the client – who we’ll call Lauren – had extremely high-quality ingredients on hand, yet wasn’t able to prepare elaborate meals anymore due to her health condition. So Michelle suggested that they whip up a gourmet meal together. Despite the nervousness of cooking for a former food critic, Michele performed beautifully, and Lauren gave the meal two thumbs up. That was the beginning of many shared – and critically acclaimed – meals.


Matchmaking Story 3: Two Stylish Ladies*

Nurses With Heart caregiver Lisa is a hair stylist when she’s not caring for our clients. And Nurses With Heart client Barbara loves getting her hair done, especially when there’s a special event, such as going out to dinner or attending a performance at the Santa Fe Opera. Naturally, they were a perfect match. When Lisa is scheduled to spend time with Barbara, Lisa enjoys getting to use her talents to provide Barbara with a pampering beauty experience that makes her feel truly special. We see it as an arrangement that keeps everyone looking and feeling their best.

*All names have been changed for privacy.