Nurses With Heart Home Care – A New Year & Fresh Beginnings


Welcome to the Nurses With Heart Home Care blog! We are excited to start off the New Year by serving the Santa Fe community’s home aide and medical care needs. But why home health services? And more specifically, why Nurses With Heart Home Care? Keep reading for our top ten lists for why home health from Nurses With Heart Home Care is right for you.


Why home health?

  1. Home health offers the convenience of skilled care with a flexible schedule.
  2. Home health allows you to maintain your independence & be self-sufficient in your own home.
  3. Not only can you remain in your home, you can be comfortably seen in your own home – wherever that may be! This flexibility is why home health is appropriate for the Santa Fe community – whether you live in a rural neighborhood on the outskirts of Santa Fe County or an assisted living facility in the heart of Santa Fe.
  4. Home health allows you to continue with your daily routine in a familiar setting, as life goes on regardless of your health status.
  5. There are no requirements to receive home aide – you do not have to be immobile or bed-bound to receive home care.
  6. Home care is also not just for the elderly – others who can benefit from home health are those recovering from surgery, people with a physical disability, and caregivers who require respite care.
  7. You can receive a variety of treatments at home, not just personal care. These can be anything from wound care to medication management.
  8. The field of health care is rapidly changing – from fewer physicians admitting patients to longer wait times, home health care is quickly moving to the forefront of how our community is looking to meet its medical needs.
  9. Home care allows you and your care providers to work realistically within your needs in your own environment at your own pace.
  10. Home health care offers you an opportunity to be proactive about your health through decreasing the likelihood of being admitted to the hospital and easing your hospital discharge back to your own home.


Why Nurses With Heart Home Care?

  1. Nurses With Heart Home Care is locally owned and operated in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  2. Nurses With Heart Home Care employs bonded and experienced Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants to provide care unique to your needs.
  3. Our employees collaborate with all whom provide you care – from your family physician to your hospital discharge planner.
  4. Nurses With Heart Home Care regularly meets with members of the community to keep in touch with the community of Santa Fe’s needs.
  5. We offer flexibility of care – regardless if you require a two-hour visit to 24-hour care.
  6. With Santa Fe averaging 300 sunny days per year, why sit in a waiting room when you can be helped at home – wherever that may be! Nurses With Heart Home Care serves the Santa Fe County – from Madrid to the La Tierra neighborhood.
  7. Nurses With Heart Home Care offers the ease of self-pay to take the guesswork out of dealing with insurance companies.
  8. Appointments at physician’s offices can be overwhelming and confusing. Nurses With Heart Home Care offers Patient Advocacy visits during which a Nurses With Heart caregiver will accompany you to the appointment to be your eyes and ears. Not only will you have someone with whom you can later clarify the visit, you will also have a summary of your visit for later consultation.
  9. Nurses With Heart Home Care strives to ensure your care is based on the most current best practice methods and facilitates cutting-edge technology in the delivery of your care.
  10. Nurses With Heart Home Care accepts referrals from any of your care providers, from your general practitioner, to the hospital, to the most important provider – yourself!