We Are State Licensed (and Why It’s a Big Deal)
Nurses With Heart is a Home Care Agency licensed by the New Mexico Department of Health, and we emphasize this because not all home health agencies are. Licensing is a long, painstaking process, but it’s one we undertook because of our commitment to quality and safety. What does it mean to you? Among other things, it means that we must adhere to higher standards, undergo frequent audits and run nationwide background and criminal record checks on all our staff. But that’s just the beginning. For more on what state licensing involves and guarantees, see our in-depth FAQ.

In-house training.

Best-in-Class Hiring, Training and Safety Procedures
Because we are state-licensed, our hiring, training and safety practices are inherently more stringent. We go above and beyond these requirements, however. In addition to all state-mandated hiring protocols, for example, we call 3 to 4 professional references for each new hire, pay for up-to-date vaccinations (e.g. flu, hepatitis B) for our staff and conduct annual drug tests.

Then there’s our continuous training model, which is unprecedented in the Santa Fe area, and which we believe is a major contributor to our staff’s incredible engagement and enthusiasm levels. Once a month, we hold a staff meeting at our office and conduct an in-depth training session on the best practice for a given topic. Not only does this monthly gathering give our caregivers a chance to come together, ask questions and receive guidance, but it allows them to give us feedback on what they want to learn. Many of our caregivers are nursing students who are excited to develop new skills, such as drawing blood or changing catheters. Future training sessions are devoted to requested topics, and our Chief Nursing Officer will also arrange for shadowing opportunities so that our caregivers can expand their skills and confidence. In sum, we truly walk the walk when it comes to providing ongoing training and empowering our staff. It’s a core value for us – and a big part of our success.

Matchmaking at its best.

Client and Caregiver Matchmaking
At Nurses With Heart, we spend a lot of time getting to know our clients and their families, as well as our employees.


Because that’s the best way to pair people together for a satisfying experience, if not a budding friendship. We believe health and happiness go hand in hand, and that’s why we take the concept of “matchmaking-based” home health care so seriously. To us, it’s putting our hearts into the process and ensuring that our clients feel properly cared for, both physically and emotionally. Some of the things we look at in the matchmaking process include personality, biorhythms (morning or evening person?), hobbies, interests, gender preferences (e.g. females only) and geographic background (where did you grow up?). Check out our spotlighted pairings below to see how investing time – and care – in the matchmaking process can have a tremendously positive impact on everyone involved.