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The Big “C” and Seeking Support

Flame in the Night

Cancer is frightening. Cancer is frightening because it is all around us, in the media, in our entertainment, impacting our co-workers and our loved ones. At its worst, cancer arrives in our own homes causing our loved ones bodies to fail, or, on more frightening occasions, our own. Despite our best efforts of searching for…

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Happy Hand Hygiene Day!

May 5th is hand hygiene day and Nurses With Heart is here to celebrate it with a hand-y (get it?) infographic – hand hygiene is key to maintaining your own health, protecting others, and preventing antibiotic resistance. So read up and if you would like further information about hand hygiene and proactive prevention, check out…

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5 Myths About Health Habits

Nurses With Heart - Bacteria & Viruses

5 Myths About Health Habits Working in home health care means you meet a lot of people from a variety of backgrounds. Everyone has a different routine, from the many ways clients take their coffee to their bedtime rituals, and along with those routines come different thought processes behind every action. Some are done simply…

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