The Complete Care Chart

Every person has specific needs allowing them to stay in their own home, which is why Nurses With Heart creates a Complete Care Chart unique to each individual’s needs. During our initial consultation, a Registered Nurse meets with the client, their partner, their families, and any other individuals involved in their care to assess their challenges and goals for remaining at home. Over the span of at least an hour, the nurse explores the client’s health issues, current medications and supplements, hobbies, and home safety to create a complete picture of what home life means for the individual.
Nurses With Heart Home Care provides a variety of care specialized to those who wish to remain at home, including those who may be experiencing the following:

Once home care is initiated, a unique Complete Care Chart is created and updated on a regular basis to ensure that the client is receiving the care they require to stay at home. This Complete Care Chart is also used by the Department of Health to ensure that Nurses With Heart is meeting New Mexico State’s criteria of care for providing quality home health care. Regardless if the client requires medical nursing care or personal care services, a Registered Nurse will visit each client regularly to assess the client’s ongoing needs as well ensure safe and effective care is being provided in the home.

Nurses With Heart’s personalized Complete Care Chart is also used to coordinate with client’s physicians as well as direct personal caregivers during their home visits. We are passionate about providing the best home care possible, because home is where our hearts are!