"We want our grandmothers to become grandmothers again."

Do you need help at home in order to stay independent? Is your family worried that an elderly parent is lonely or isolated? Could you use some assistance because you’re burned out as the primary caregiver for a family member?

In-home assistance.

Home health care allows people to maintain a high quality of life, despite advancing age, illness or disability. We also personally see it as an opportunity to transform your life for the better. With Nurses With Heart, it could mean having someone you like and trust – not to mention share a love of scrapbooking with – come into your home a few hours a week to help out with light housekeeping tasks, such as errands, buying groceries, doing laundry, changing linens, tidying up and light meal prep. Or it could mean having a fun, like-minded companion who’s also hooked on American Idol to keep you company twice a week.

If more extensive assistance is needed, it could mean having a caring, competent Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) come by every morning and evening to help with personal care, which covers the activities of daily living (ADL). That might include bathing, toileting, grooming, hygiene, dressing, feeding, walking, transferring and positioning, as well as helping you keep track of medication regimens, doctors’ appointments and important events. Or if there’s already a primary caregiver in the family, Nurses With Heart can provide relief to allow the primary caregiver some personal time to run errands, recharge and rest.

Wish you had someone in your corner when it comes to dealing with the traditional health care system?

If you like, our Nurses With Heart caregiver can also take on the role of an advocate care provider, attending doctors’ appointments with you, doing monthly medication management reviews and helping to ensure that all of your health concerns are addressed. If you are on duplicate medications, for example, or taking drugs with potential interactions, your Nurses With Heart caregiver in conjunction with our RNs can help you communicate with your doctors about the issue.

Whatever the need, we’re ready to jump in with able bodies and an upbeat attitude. Reduce your stress and worry by letting us do what we do best – provide conscientious, individualized care that enhances your well-being.